We create content of excellence and originality to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages. We champion a lifelong love of reading comics and seek to foster a reading culture. We bring the original and powerful messages of brands to comic readers worldwide, creating lifelong fans. We build lasting memories and make a lifetime connection between the readers, brands, and the world community. 



Funi Media’s mission is to bring people and brands together using the power of comics to make a meaningful and powerful connection that will last a lifetime. We create unforgettable characters and tell stories of adventure, action, suspense, and good overcoming evil to bring the ethos of brands to life. 



  1. “We treat each other like family” (love, respect, honesty, Kindness)
  2. “We protect the Funi Media Logo” (honesty, decorum, integrity)
  3. “A deadline is a redline” (accountability, achievement, reliability) 
  4. “Our comics create cover to cover delight” (uncompromising quality, craftsmanship, consistency)
  5. “There is always a story to be told” (ingenuity, persistence)
  6. “We trust our people to be their best” (empowerment, autonomy, presumption of excellence)